A new routine and my view about the book “A Menina do Vale” by Bel Pesce


Last week I stayed more than 2 hours tied in the traffic while I was going to work, when made me think about this lost time and I desire to find a way to make this moment productive. Reading is not possible because I am always driving. But reading a news about the release of the first Bel Pesce’s audiobook, I had an insight: ‘Why I do not listen audiobooks in the car when I am in the traffic?’. At the same moment I downloaded and put in a pen drive to listen in the car and at the next morning I started a new routine.

The “Menina do Vale – Volume I” audiobook (without a English version, but the free translate could be something like “The Girl of Silicon Valley”) has about one hour and in two days I listened all the book. I am very excited with this productive routine and just have several other audiobooks in my wish list. While I am reading my “conventional” books at my e-reader, of course.

Bel Pesce is an entrepreneur and founder of FazINOVA, a school of entrepreneurism. Her book “A Menina do Vale” was available for free download in 2012 and reached one million downloads three months after. She graduated in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and during the college worked at Microsoft, Google e Deutsche Bank and, after college, she moved to Silicon Valley. There she led teams at the American company Ooyala and founded the startup Lemon Wallet and also wrote her first book. After 7 years in the United States, in 2013 she came back to Brazil and founded the FazINOVA. Additionally to Bel’s history, the book brought some insights about entrepreneurism, startups and the company’s and founders successful histories.

It is a little and quick reading book and I enjoyed. Despite knowing and reading every day about this stories and about the actors of the success, her text make us think about our behavior and how we treat situations and also how we can do things better and get inspired for our routine.

My next audiobook is already in my pendrive and will be “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” (in Portuguese: “Os segredos da mente milionária”) by T. Harv Eker, as soon as possible I will come back to write about my view for you.

Your comments and suggestions for my next books (or audiobooks) are welcome.

My regards and my desire for you to have a nice weekend.

Sérgio Bonomi

My notes about “Dream Big” by Cristiane Correa

Last weekend I finished my first reading in 2015. The book was “Dream Big” (“Sonho Grande” in portuguese) of Cristiane Correa. (Sorry, I know I am late!) The history was about how Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Beto Sicupira acquired some companies and put their culture on them, like in Banco Garantia, Lojas Americanas, AB InBev, Burger King and Heinz. This is a book that my children certainly have to read when they start understanding the business’s world, even if they do not want to study management. I think this book and these lessons are very important for all kind of professionals, mainly to understand the advantages of an ambient with meritocracy.

The most curiosity sensation I’ve had reading the book, was confirming some histories I heard from my grandfather, who worked for about 20 years at Antarctica (the second company that the group buy to form AMBEV, the actual AB Inbev) and years after, when my father talked about the beer quality and taught me to look the city written under the can, so as to choose the best product. In the book, the author retracts exactly this situation, without a standard quality of the beers in two Brazilians brewery, Brahma and Antarctica, when the group bought the companies. I cannot forget to mention the exceptional foreword by Jim Collins. I recommend this book for everyone, in spite of the field of your job. It will worth!

My second book will be “The Personal MBA” of Josh Kaufman (“Manual do CEO” in portuguese, published by Editora Saraiva in Brazil). Soon I will return with my view about this book.

Your comments and suggestions for next books are welcome.

My regards and my desire for you to have a nice weekend.

Sérgio Bonomi